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Production Data Collection

How much time was spent on a certain order? Is the pre-calculation in accordance with the post-calculation?

Efficiency If you are working in a production-based environment these are essential questions for which you will want a swift and accurate answer. The module Shop Floor Data Collection offers a solution.

You can work with fixed products for which there are predefined production times. Production phases in steps, adjustment times, produced amounts and collected orders are also supported.

Registration can be done with operations per order, where rates can be linked to employees or operations. This makes it possible for you to get a survey of the costs, which could be the starting point for billing. Employees can also work on multiple orders at the same time.

The person responsible for the production can see the actual working situation at any time with the “who does what”-screen. This shows things like which order is finished, or where a problem in the production process is located. Consulting this information takes only a few seconds and will enable you to make the right decisions in time.

Supported features

  • Define products
  • Real time production control: see the current status of a job
  • Definition of articles with standard production schemes: define production properties for an article
  • Efficiency reporting: compare the actual time spent on a job with the standard time
  • Supplier information: enter and see information about your suppliers
  • Customer information: enter and see information about your customers.

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